A note from a former student

A number of my former high school students have friended me on Facebook. I love watching them maneuver through life. This evening one of them posted this:

Hello Family and Friends. It’s been a long time coming and lots of hard work to finally put this all out there. So here it is…
I want to share with you all my new business venture. It is called Love & Light Gifts. It is a specialty gift box company for corporate, client, weddings, events, workshops, life and love. Please check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/landlgifts/ or follow us on Instagram (@)loveandlightgifts. I know this service is not for everyone and I’m not trying to sell you anything but I would greatly appreciate it if you shared this so maybe a friend of a friend who is in need of our services can find us. 🙂 you can also check out my website at lovelightgift.com please feel free to message me any positive or negative comments, notes, critics… any input would be amazing as this is a new thing for me from website to ecommerce.

I also want to give a huge thank you to Dk Zody for all the information, business, personal and life lessons you taught me and many others in marketing. I was definitely not doing everything in that class to my potential and definitely regret it now but I am still so happy for all that I learned and am able to utilize in adulthood 😉 at least I hope I’m using it all correctly. Thank you for putting up with me… and ditching… haha I’m sorry. I wish I could go back and be in class EVERY DAY!

Did you read that last paragraph? Did you see that admission and apology? I chuckled. I read it to Terry and he chuckled. He remembers all the stories I would come home and tell him about my students. Especially the seniors.

“See? You did make a difference in those kids’ lives.”

Well, yes, I did.


7 responses to “A note from a former student

  1. You don’t get that kind of affirmation often in life but it’s precious to the soul when it happens.

  2. You sure did make a difference in her life, and it’s lovely that she thanked you so publicly. That’s really wonderful and affirming of your efforts. 🙂

  3. One hopes to have made a difference, sometimes doubt we have, so it’s comforting to receive confirmation. Rare, but comforting.

  4. What a nice acknowledgement that you made a difference in her life!

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