Nine Years! Imagine!

Nine years ago I wrote my first blog post. Who knew I would keep writing, not daily, but often.

On Monday I attended a memorial service for a man I have known more than 40 years. His life parallels my own. We were the same age. We got married within a couple of years. He worked in his first career (grocery store) for many years before deciding to return to school and get his teaching credential. I taught high school; he taught third grade, both for 21 years. The speakers talked about his ability to talk to anyone. He laughed at life and enjoyed it to the fullest. Made me stop and think.

None of us have any guarantees. But, I will guarantee this: as long as I can connect to the Internet, and my fingers can tap these keys, I will write this blog. It’s been fun. I’ve met so many wonderful people and become a part of your life as you have mine. You have all added meaning to my life. Thank you for reading.


12 responses to “Nine Years! Imagine!

  1. And thank YOU for continuing to write. I enjoy reading your posts. It’s almost like you’re one of my favorite neighbors and we are having chats, sharing experiences.

    • Thank you, Shirley. Yes, I think we would make great neighbors. I might even be coerced into going with you on your Pokemon runs. We could have some fun times.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, and I look forward to it. Who would have guessed that blogging would create another kind of fellowship? Glad to be part of yours. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, DJan. Hoping we can someday meet in 3D. I think we would make great neighbors, too. I would even join you on those early saturday morning walks.

  3. I had a friend in a bad situation. She was terribly unhappy and depressed. I gave her an article I’d clipped about blogging. She’s been blogging ever sense and swears it saved her life.

  4. And I’ll keep reading as long as you’re posting.

  5. Here’s to blogging!

  6. Living life to the end. Always sad to lose a friend.

  7. Having very warm thoughts about you and all the good people in this country.

  8. Sometimes it’s magic too. Thank you for being here. You always add to my days.

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