I’m hoping tomorrow will be better

It’s the end of Sunday here. Sunday evening. I have, for decades, found this to be a depressing time. I always attributed it to having to return to work the next day. Now, though, I cannot say that is the reason for feeling depressed. Tomorrow should be lovely, it’a a Ladies Who Lunch day.

Today was a lovely day, weather-wise, and even activity-wise. I got gas and cash on my way to church this morning. It all went easily. Church service was very good, the message and the music were uplifting. I chatted with friends afterwards, even eating a piece of cake.

After I got home and fixed lunch, the day seemed to dwindle away. I didn’t want to do anything. Not even go outside in the beautiful sunshine. I accomplished nothing except to make a batch of caramel corn. Terry helped with dinner so that wasn’t too hard, either. I feel pretty useless right now. And not very happy.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. Better in all ways.


8 responses to “I’m hoping tomorrow will be better

  1. I am the same on Sunday. I feel I should be productive, but I know a busy week is ahead and I want to be lazy and rest! Maybe, we both need to learn how to slow down and be okay with a lazy day once a week.

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down, hope the ladies lunch helps.

  3. Funny, Sunday afternoons alwaysgotmedown also. I attributed it to mom sinking into a depression because dad left for his job which took him on the road for the next weeks work. As an adult, I find weekdays with all the work andbusynessthey entaildivertus. From sitting around and dwelling on “stuff”.

  4. Sunday is the longest day of the week. I never look forward to Sunday. Since the election every day has been Sunday.

  5. I think we all do it to one degree or other.

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