A better day

I love Mondays, especially Mondays spent laughing with friends. 

The Ladies Who Lunch had planned to try a new restaurant in a neighboring town but it is closed on Mondays. Their loss. We went instead to Flight Line Cafe which has just reopened at Chandler Airport, Fresno’s other airport.  

We had actually been to this place a couple of years ago but the owners closed down and the place stood empty until last week when owners from years past took the property back and reopened with a bit of a Chinese theme. 

We stayed for nearly three hours, talking and laughing. Laughter is such good medicine. 

Afterwards I swung by that old high school where I taught for 21 years. A young teacher friend had ordered two boxes of books for sixth graders at Columbia. I will be delivering them later this morning and then having lunch with the upper grades. Wednesday and Thursday will be for the first graders. I have Thanksgiving pencils and color markers to hand out to those classes. All of this makes me much happier. 


6 responses to “A better day

  1. What a nice post. It made me smile. I believe these are the kinds of things we’re going to need more of to keep us sane during the next four years.

  2. I knew this would make you feel better!

  3. I love my women friends for the same reason, they make me laugh and we can also cry together. Love this post. Thank you for making me smile. 🙂

  4. I love long lunches. So indolent so perfect. The food so secondary.

    • While teaching we never got to have a nice lunch. 30 minutes from bell to bell, that was all. We always said that when we retired we would become the ladies who lunch and take all afternoon to do so. Now, it’s reality. We tell the story wherever we dine, often to other diners who look askance at a table of chattering women who just seem to camp at the table. It always brings a smile to faces, knowing we are all retired teachers, some putting in close to 40 years.

  5. We do appreciate our friends so much in times like this.

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