Before the holiday week

Small children get wild and crazy right before a big holiday break. I sure saw it these past three days at Columbia. Of course, there was also an issue with new lunch time assistants and too few substitute teachers to fill the vacancies. Students were “deployed”–a few students from each vacant class sent to teachers willing to take them in for a few days. So the class was no longer together, learning, but scattered hither and yon, disrupting other classes. It all just stirred up the campus. 

The first graders were antsy, too. But their teachers were all there, and no deployed students were rattling around in first grade classrooms. I made sure to put notes in each teacher’s box, giving thanks for their dedication and hard work. They often feel unappreciated. I got a bag of “kisses” from one of the classes. 

Made me feel appreciated, too. 


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