Follow-up on the alarm clock

Remember the story I told you about getting an alarm clock for the little girl who had been late and/or absent for three days straight?

I checked with her teacher this week…she and her brother have been on time to school every day.


10 responses to “Follow-up on the alarm clock

  1. Oh wow, that’s all it took? That’s fantastic, good for you!

  2. Simply marvelous. Thank you.

  3. How wonderful. I needed a good story like this. A small kindness has gone a long way. I’ll try to do something similar. 🙂

    • The attendance officer asked where I had gotten the clock and I told her I just went to Target and bought it. She said that she would like to have a stock of alarm clocks to give out to families like this one. It’s an epidemic.

  4. Does my heart good to know such a small kindness has such a big impact. Wonderful.

  5. Oh that’s so great 😊

  6. I think of you every day and your little charges. It means so much, what you do for them.

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