A blessed Black Friday

Those of you who are Facebook friends have already read this as I first posted the story there. It fits, though, with my blogging scheme of things so here it is, in paragraph form: 

My terrific granddaughter wanted to go shoe shopping on Black Friday. Those who know me well know that I don’t shop much but especially not on this particular day. But for Leeya, anything.

We set out around 11 o’clock, stopping for gas before heading to Fashion Fair Mall. No waiting at the gas station.

Pulled into Fashion Fair from Fresno Street and easily parked at the far west end. Made our way through the lot, into Macy’s and on to Stride Rite Shoe Store where everything was 40% off.

Leeya found just the right pair of shoes and we headed out of the mall, dropping money into Salvation Army kettle. The parking lot was full when we pulled out and gave our spot to a lady who followed us through the lanes. We swung by SaveMart to pick up lunch supplies and was home shortly after 12 noon.

The shoes 


8 responses to “A blessed Black Friday

  1. Lovely! I never go to those stores on Black Friday. But it sounds like this one worked out just right for the two of you. 🙂

    • Not only am I NOT a shopper, but never on Black Friday. But for Leeya, who came and specifically asked if we were going shoe shopping, I would do it. I prayed a lot before we left the house and gave thanks as we drove home.

  2. Good for you braving Black Friday sales, Leeya is a shopper!

  3. I always loved shopping for shoes with my granddaughter. Seems kindness was following you whereever you went.

  4. I love them! They look a bit like ballet slippers. You are a wonderful grandmother.

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