Holiday shopping

I sorta did holiday shopping yesterday, starting at Target before 9 a.m. and ending at the grocery store just before noon. A long morning for me, but I had let a lot of this pile up and Monday was the day to get it done. It’s the only day, until next Monday, that does not have an event scheduled on the calendar.

A long-ago friend left a message, inviting us to join her and her husband for a holiday concert at a local church. It’s on the same weekend as our granddaughter’s dance recital. It would have been nice to see and catch up with this couple who we’ve not seen in over five years. They too are retired but live in a mountain community, off the beaten path. Not someone we run into too often. I thought I might see them at a recent funeral I attended of a mutual friend, but they were not in attendance. Funerals and weddings seem to be the places where I see long-ago friends.

One of my purchases on Monday was Christmas cards. Over the years I had accumulated cards left over from each holiday season. I finally sent the last of those last Christmas and put the thought in my head, “buy cards next year.” I was fortunate to be in a shop that had a buy one, get one free sale, so I have two boxes of cards that should get me through this season with a couple left over for next year. I’ll have to see, though, just how many cards I will need. I don’t have one of those Christmas card lists that many keep over the years. I sit down with a couple of directories and my address book and see who I fancy sending a card to this year. So many people no longer send Christmas cards but rather make a greeting on Facebook and call it a day. I am so opposed to that. I like cards, sent in the mail. Something to open. Something to look at, to display, and then look at again, later.

As you may know, today is Giving Tuesday. I have a box of books in my car, along with art supplies, clothing, and teacher treats, to deliver to Columbia later this morning. I will visit with staff and mingle with the older kids during their lunch break. This will be my last available Tuesday until we return from Christmas break in mid January. My calendar is packed with activities right up to December 20.



6 responses to “Holiday shopping

  1. have a safe (and it looks busy) Christmas Delaine!

  2. You are so busy! I stopped sending Christmas cards ages ago, and consequently receive very few every year. Some people just keep on sending them anyway. Thanks for all that you do, dear Delaine. 🙂

  3. Did you have an inkling when you retired that you would be this busy?

  4. Yes, cards. Many people I know no longer send cards. Too sad.

  5. Since I can’t write any more, I send few cards. I can still type, so all these wonderful folks will have to put up with my blog as a Christmas Card.

  6. I do newsletters now. I send a third by snail mail and the rest by email. It works much better for me.

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