Going slow

It’s been a busy week here. Then Terry got sick and that added another layer. Terrible cough and chest congestion, mainly. The doctor gave him a Z-pak and it seems to be helping. He still has the cough, though. My throat got tickley one night and the next morning my head hurt so badly I couldn’t think. I never get a plain headache like that so knew I was not doing well.

I decided I better cut back on some of the plans I had made and slow down. As much as I hated to, I cancelled Ladies Who Lunch plans and stayed home to rest. Bless their hearts, the ladies got me a bierock at the lunch place and dropped it off at my house. Terry and I took time out to share it. This was made by a high school culinary class that runs a cafe on their school grounds. Wonderful place for lunch which made me sad to miss the fun, but also knew there would be another time.

It’s Saturday, mid-morning and the only real work I have done is dusting and addressing Christmas cards. Terry feels well enough to take a drive up into the hills to the goat farm where we buy our soap. Today is their big Christmas open house and a good time to stock up on a variety of soaps, many of which are only available at this time.

We both must be well for Sunday as Terry is singing in the choir, and I am prepping communion supplies as well as doing clean-up afterwards. One of the heads of state of the Presbyterian denomination will be bringing the sermon and I really want to hear her. Yes, her! Then there is the church’s Christmas luncheon afterwards. We had plans to attend another event, later in the afternoon, but since we are going slow this weekend, we may forego that. This is really not the season to slow down, though.


6 responses to “Going slow

  1. A long time ago I learned to stop & take a day of bed rest when I felt a respiratory infection coming on. It was amazing how much quicker I recovered. It’s even more important as we get older.

    • I have been sleeping in the past few mornings but starting tomorrow, we will go back to an alarm and get up at 6, or earlier, depending on what the day’s schedule holds.

  2. Feel better soon both of you, glad you decided to slow down at bit.

  3. I hope you are both well soon. It’s awful to be sick around the holidays. 😦

  4. Too bad that you and Terry have not been feeling well, but I am glad that your friends brought you something to eat from their luncheon.

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