It’s almost Christmas vacation. Just this week, but oh, what a week it will be. 

On Monday we are driving back to Fresno after being with our children this weekend and attending Leeya’s dance performance. Her other grandma is here, too, having come on the train, and will go back to Fresno with us. 

Tuesday and Friday I am giving tours at Kearney Mansion. I will read The Teddybear Story to first graders on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is also a 7 am chaplaincy breakfast where we will plan for January. Terry has a late night on Thursday as he attends our church’s session meeting as its new moderator. Hair appointment on Saturday and Deacon’s meeting on Sunday to round it all up. Then three weeks of vacation. 

Our grandkids have the same holiday schedule, and after Christmas morning, my daughter is taking two weeks off. She hasn’t had a vacation since April.  We are making plans for some fun stuff. 

So, almost…


5 responses to “Almost

  1. Sounds very busy. My week will be filled with medical appointments for me and David, minor stuff, hopefully.

  2. Sounds like wonderful fun to me.

  3. A busy week, but a real vacation on the horizon. You paint a very colorful picture of your life. Those first graders will be getting quite a wonderful treat! 🙂

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