Let us pause for a moment of silence

My 36-year old Cuisinart died today. I am beyond sad.

This machine, a big DL7 Pro, the biggest Cuisinart made in 1980, has been with me through so many baking and cooking adventures. One summer I cooked, on weekends, for a women’s shelter, and I took the Cuisinart with me as they had no food processor. When we lived in San Francisco for 15 months, the Cuisinart went with us. I truly do not know how to cook without it.

After having a wonderful lunch and catching up with a long-time friend, I came home to make sugar cookies. All the ingredients for the cookies went into the Cuisinart. The motor would hardly turn the blade. When I took it all apart, I found that the area around the spindle had crumbled into fine, gray dust. All of this after the massive recall of blades, which by the way, I had not gotten around to ordering as I wasn’t much concerned. This is my second blade as the first one got pretty dull after about 25 years so I ordered a new one. I’m also on my third bowl as the previous ones have cracked, after years of almost daily use. I use my Cuisinart all the time, and cannot imagine life in the kitchen without it.

So, as you can probably guess, after a short mourning period, I’m on the track to replace this kitchen appliance. Terry and I don’t buy each other Christmas gifts as we have always bought whatever we want. This year, I want a new Cuisinart.


14 responses to “Let us pause for a moment of silence

  1. So sad. Condolences. Will you give it a proper burial?

  2. It has served you long and well. It’s time for its replacement to take over. I look forward to hearing about it. 🙂

  3. you scared me for a moment, lol…definitely you have to get a new one soon!

  4. I’d say you got your use out of it, but I can understand why you were dismayed when it wouldn’t start. After all these years, I’m sure you were very sad to see it die. Will you replace it with another Cuisinart? I need to send in my old blade for a new one. They are pretty handy kitchen helps.

  5. I too have an original. Still working. I remember it cost a fortune back then. But still working today. It must be 40 years old. I love it. I lost many of the blades in moves but still have the important ones.
    Deepest sympathy!
    PS If you have KitchenAid you could buy a food processing attachment?

    • I have a huge assortment of blades as well as the whisk attachment for make meringue and whipped cream. For years I was a walking advertisement for Cuisinart.

  6. My Cusinart isn’t quite that old, but the model has been discontinued and the last time I needed a part it was pretty pricy, so I added a new one to my Christmas list. We’ll see what happens.

  7. I love my Cuisinart. I had one in Illinois and left it for my daughter who probably never uses it. I bought another one here in Hawaii and use it all the time. You’ll love it!

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