Going forward

The election has taken its toll on me the past six weeks. It’s been hard, so hard that I find myself in a malaise that is difficult to shake. I think it is the reason I came down with a cold a couple of weeks ago. My psyche and my body had all they could handle and they collapsed for a week or so.

My first course of action was to read and reread the book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel is one of the major prophets. He was taken prisoner, along with other intelligent Hebrew men, from Judah to Babylon by an evil king and made to live, basically, under house arrest and do the king’s bidding. How did Daniel and his three friends manage? That was what I wanted to learn so I could live similarly in the next four years under such a mean king’s dictatorship. These are some of the things I gleaned from the book:

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Maintain a prayer life.
  • Keep one’s ear to the ground.
  • Befriend those in charge.
  • Remain faithful.

Each of us who know better can do better. I plan to continue to do the good work in which I am already involved. I plan to continue to be kind to every person with whom I come in contact. I plan to stay healthy, stay in touch with friends, and pray daily. It’s all I’ve got.



6 responses to “Going forward

  1. These sound like good recommendations for the upcoming year!

  2. It is all any of us can do. It feels good to see it written down like that. Blessings to you, Delaine. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. As one pundit said, everything the Republicans do for the next four years, they will own. No more divided government. We’ll see if the alt-right can govern.

  4. We were in total devastation when we heard while traveling in S. Korea. We’re at the stage of trying to resolve our feelings of grief and fear now, but every time I hear one more thing about “he would shall not be named” as another blogger called him, I get that helpless, awful feeling again.

  5. Constancy. It’s difficult when the ground keeps shifting. I’m finding it hard to stay on task.

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