All’s well that ends well

The last week of school, I stopped at Target and bought coats for kids at Columbia. Since I was wearing my uniform, and I don’t carry my usual purse on those days, I tucked my Target Red Card into one pant’s pocket with my car keys and my phone in the other pocket. I used the phone to get my Cartwheel discount, and the Red Card gave me my usual five percent discount.

The store no longer has the giant size bags in which I could have put six coats so I had to take them to the car in the basket with which I had been shopping, and pile them into my back seat. I took out my keys and headed home. Once I got home, I found a giant size bag for the coats. Having noticed that the jacket I had been wearing for the past two weeks had smears from small hands who hug me, I decided to take it to the dry cleaners right after changing clothes.

A few days later I stopped at Target to purchase some household items, and since I was wearing regular clothes, I also had my purse with my wallet that contains all of my credit cards. That’s when I found that my Target Red Card was not in my wallet. No five percent discount on that purchase which, fortunately, was very small so didn’t matter, too much.

I went right home and checked my pant’s pockets. No Red Card. I went through all of the places I might have put it, but no luck finding it. I realized I must have dropped it somewhere along the way from the store to the car when I was wrangling all those coats. My card was lost! Was someone out there using it to buy their Christmas gifts?

I immediately called Target and found that the last purchase made on the card was the one for the coats. It had been almost a week and there was no other activity on the card. Whew. I explained the situation to the operator who then cancelled my old card and said a new one would be in the mail in a few days, to be on the lookout for a plain white envelope. She also said that no one would be able to use the old card so I felt relieved just in case it was out there, somewhere, floating around.

Yesterday I went to the dry cleaners to pick up my laundry. Attached to the purple coat, that had the small children smears, was a plain white bag. Inside was my Red Card. I had put the card in my coat pocket! When I got home, there in the mail was a plain white envelope with the new Red Card. Mystery solved, new card in hand. All’s well that ends well.



4 responses to “All’s well that ends well

  1. Something similar happened to my library card one time, but yours is more scary.

  2. Oh my! I’m glad the mystery was solved. Delaine, aren’t you the one who bakes fruitcakes? Did I just miss your post about it for this year? I made some for the first time and am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. I am always misplacing something like that, but I’m sure glad it all turned out for the best for you. I smiled at thinking of those little hands making smears on your coat. Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🙂

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