The cooking mojo

I tried some new recipes for Christmas treats. They didn’t work out very well. The best one of the bunch was supposed to be a cookie but really turned out to be a candy. Probably because I didn’t cook it quite enough. For a no-bake cookie, it turns out to be too much work. I’ve packaged the confection, along with some sugar cookies, to give out to the neighbors. It’s the best I can do.

A friend, who makes a huge assortment of goodies to give out at Christmas, was sharing that she was trying new things this year. Last year had not been a good one for her so she decided to change things up some this Christmas season. I lamented my lack of cooking prowess lately.

Then I saw this picture:


It gave me a good laugh. Probably an ad for kitchen appliances in the 60s. I have a similar oven and cooktop, but in harvest gold rather than turquoise. I had a friend who lived in a house that had turquoise appliances, even the refrigerator, as well as a turquoise ceiling!

Look at the food this lady has turned out.  It all looks very good. Her kitchen looks so neat and tidy, too. I have the same oven and cooktop. Why don’t my foods and kitchen look so good? I decided it must be the way I dress. Totally unlike the housewife in the ad. I need to dress better and then perhaps I could cook better!


7 responses to “The cooking mojo

  1. Do you at least wear the apron 🙂

    • No, no apron, or at least not one like this. I do have a bibbed apron that my grandchildren made for me that I occasionally wear if we’re having company for a meal I’m cooking.

  2. Those were sure different times than we live in now!

  3. It’s the apron. LOL
    I had bronze appliances circa 1956 in the big house. I loved them. It was the biggest oven I ever had.

    • My oven is huge and I love it. So thankful that both oven and cooktop continue to work. Just wish i could again buy harvest gold refrigerator and dishwasher.

  4. Someone gave me an apron a while ago. I’ve never worn it. I think I’ll re-gift it.

  5. When I used to cook, I wore an apron that had been given to me as a gift one year. I still have it but never use it. You’re right, though: it’s probably the apron that makes the difference. 🙂

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