A peek into the past

I started this blog nine years ago, while still teaching. Wondering what I was doing, nine years ago, I decided to go back and check out the post closest to this date in 2007. Here it is:

California is really not cold country, or at least where I live.  There is no snow on the ground, but it is still cold enough for me.  The temperatures have been in the 40s during the day, with some sun poking through, but not enough to encourage me to go outside.  Except for running errands, I have stayed tucked indoors, looking up obscure websites, reading stored up books, and cooking complicated recipes.

Today I decided I had been lazy long enough and got out my school work.  I am changing the way the seniors will do their reading assignments this semester.  For years I have required them to do as the sophomores do and read two Accelerated Reader books a semester.  Even though seniors, I allowed them to choose any book they wanted, and unfortunately, they never chose challenging books.  This semester I have a collection of business books from which they must choose.  I figure they need to read books more like what they will see in college.  They will be required to write a one page synopsis of the book, and it must be well written, not something they quickly type up and take from the printer, expecting me to do the proofreading.  Nope, I will require some thinking.

Yes, that’s my plan right now, after two weeks away from these kiddos, when I’m well rested and believing anything is possible.  I typed up a great outline of what I want them to do; made a database of all the books I have; labeled all of the books and have them ready to return to school.

I have one more week of vacation and plan to get away to the coast for a few days, hoping to see more sunshine and perhaps warmer temps.  I still have a stack of books and magazines I want to read, and I will make more plans for my students.  We will have a long winter to get through before our next vacation, and there is much work to be done.  As I dream of those long, hot summer days, I will cram as much knowledge as I can into my students while the days are cold and no one really wants to go outdoors.

Some things have changed: I’m no longer teaching high school students. I have grandchildren to see during the holiday break. My friends no longer get together during the holiday break since we have all year to do that.

Some things haven’t changed: It’s still cold here and I’m not apt to be outside very much. I’m making plans for the new year with the first graders. The trip to the coast? It will be a week spent with the grandchildren. Hope you enjoyed a peek into the past.


3 responses to “A peek into the past

  1. It’s great being able to look back to that time in the past isn’t it?

  2. That’s one thing I love about blogging: being able to go back and read what it was like and having those memories chronicled. One thing hasn’t changed: you are still a very good writer. Merry Christmas, Delaine! 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas, Delaine. Aloha from Hawaii.

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