Christmas past

Most of us remember who gave us certain gifts, but do you remember gifts you gave to certain people?

I got reminded this past weekend when a young friend with whom I taught for many years posted this picture on Facebook:


She reminded me that she has been using the mug for Santa’s treat for 11 years.

Although I had forgotten who got what, I did remember the mug. I think this was a Secret Santa gift. I loved doing Secret Santa at school where we drew names and anonymously left small gifts each day for the person. On Friday, at our staff breakfast before the holiday break, we would reveal ourselves and give one last gift. I encouraged the teachers at Columbia to reenact this tradition and this year they did. It builds a camaraderie among staff.

Have you ever done anything like Secret Santa?


8 responses to “Christmas past

  1. I participated in that once at work way back. My daughter does that with her friends every year so far.

  2. Yes, we did those years ago. I haven’t participated in one for at least a decade, though. 🙂

  3. I’ve never done that but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun. I worked a lot of years with two duds that threw cold water on anything the rest of us thought would be fun.

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