Cold, dark mornings do not inspire me to jump out of bed and get going. What I would consider mid-afternoon in the summer, now feels like bedtime. Darkness falls just after 4:30 p.m. It’s still cold at 4:30, I’m tired of being cold, and just want to fall into my warm bed after a hot shower. I’m like a bear in hibernation.

This holiday break has been delightful in that I don’t have places to be each day so I don’t have to get up by 6 a.m. We’ve been staying tucked in each morning. Even after arising, I like to sit in the living room, with a warm cup of coffee in my hands, and watch the sun, at its extreme southern spot, light up the northern wall.

It pains me to move through the chilly air. Even at 70 degrees, the house feels cold all day long. I’m wearing extra socks, long pants, sweaters and jackets. I don’t won a whole lot of cold weather clothing so find myself doing even more laundry than usual. The water comes out of the tap so cold that it “burns” my hands. My fingers crack in the cold–bleeding and hurting.

I am grateful for the sunlight, though. Many of our winters are gray with fog. We’ve had little of that this winter. Of course, we are only a week into the “official” winter season. The sunlight not only comes in the morning, but again in the afternoon, on the other side of the house, lighting up our family room and making it glow. I find joy in the smallest increments.



9 responses to “Hibernation

  1. I am fortunate to have a gas fireplace in my basement that we can use when the chill gets unbearable.

    • We keep the thermostat at 70 in the winter during the day and 64 at night. It seems to take a long time to warm up in the morning even though the thermostat is programmed to come on at 5:40.

  2. The sun, the sun, how wonderful it is on a winter day.

    • We have had lots of sunny days this winter even though it has also rained. Usually, after a rain we have days of tule fog but not this year. I love the sun with its light and shadows.

  3. I love the word hibernation. That sounds so good to me for the months of January and February. I don’t like to leave the house during those months.

  4. January is pretty cold here. By mid-February the days are longer and warmer and the flowers are blooming. It offers promise.

  5. I love the short winter days but not the cold weather. If I didn’t tolerate rain, I couldn’t live here for long. I’ve found that wearing proper outdoor gear makes a huge difference. 🙂

    • Proper clothing is really the answer. I just don’t have much in the way of cold weather clothing. I don’t have room to store heavy, bulky coats. I have two pairs of rain-worthy boots that also keep my feet warm. I’ve been wearing socks so much this winter that some of them have become holey.

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