New year, new tasks, new window

Let the new year begin. Let’s return to routine.

Our kids were here last week. The house, of course, was turned upside down. Priorities shifted to the care and feeding of small children. On Sunday they packed up and headed out into the Atmospheric River of a storm we are having on the West Coast and fortunately made it home to San Mateo before Hwy 101 was closed to traffic due to mud and water on the road. Terry and I packed ourselves off to church.

Terry was ordained as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church yesterday. Next week he takes on the responsibility of clerk to the church’s Session. Sort of like secretary but even more so. I will become the moderator of the Deacon’s Board. Although happy to remain the board secretary, there is a need for a moderator so I will give it a try, with the unanimous consent of the other deacons. The only way we will be able to do these tasks is with God’s grace.

Our church has beautiful stained glass windows depicting the apostles and disciples. They are not your typical windows that are all showy and pretentious but instead show the men in typical work garb with the tools of their trade. Yes, men, all men on those windows until this past week when this window was installed in the sacristy:


This is Martha. The window was placed in honor of a deceased member who worked tirelessly in the church. She just happened to be my daughter’s seventh and eighth grade drama teacher, too. She worked tirelessly for the children at that school, too. She definitely deserves a window in her honor.

This window is near where I will be preparing Communion elements once a month. I thrills me to know that I can check in with her on Sunday before setting to my task.

A few weeks ago we had a visiting dignitary from the national offices of the Presbyterians. She spoke about what you love about your church, telling the story of one church she had visited where the ladies group told her they loved the stained glass windows of their church. Although Tiffany windows, and quite beautiful, she had hoped to hear more about what the church DID than what the building was. I had just told this story to my daughter on Sunday morning, before they headed home. Later, same morning, I post the stained glass window picture to my Facebook page. My daughter laughingly chastised me in a text, saying, “so what else did you love about the morning besides the window?”

The beautiful stained glass windows at our church, depicting the disciples and apostles shown in their everyday work clothes, doing the work of Jesus, remind me of the members at Westminster who come to worship on the beautiful grounds, in a beautiful building, hearing beautiful music and words from Scripture and then going out, all over our city and being the hands and feet of Jesus. That is why I love Westminster. It is a church of faithful people who love the Lord and show it in their daily lives. 


5 responses to “New year, new tasks, new window

  1. My daughter’s father in law was a Presbyterian minister. He died in an unfortunate accident a while ago and is very much missed. He was the kind of Christian I admire, as I admire you, a person who truly follows the teachings of Christ.

  2. Wonderful window. Congratulations. Yes, that was quite a storm. We felt lucky to keep our power up here in Marin 🙂

  3. congrats on Terry’s ordination. The stained glass is beautiful.

  4. It’s clear your church is a significant presence in your life. That’s a good thing.

  5. I saw this picture on Facebook, too. I’m glad to hear the rest of the story. Congratulations to Terry and you as well. 🙂

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