Some things just don’t work out

You may remember the post about the teddy bears that had been collected and would be distributed to all the first graders at schools with school chaplains before Christmas break? It all sounded fine when I left Columbia on the Thursday of the last week of school. Ninety bears were awaiting the police resource officer who would come at the end of the next day, the day before Christmas break, and hand out the bears as the first graders left school. What could go wrong?

  • The resource officer was late.
  • There weren’t enough bears.

Because of absences, every child who was there got a bear, but even though I had been told there would be extras, there weren’t enough. I am not happy with this situation.

In talking with one of the first grade teachers, I learned 90 bears would not have been enough if all students had been in attendance. The lady who collected and distributed the bears had called the schools ahead of time and gotten the headcount for first grade. That’s why she gave me the number she did–nine bags, each with 10 bears. And remember, she had told all of the chaplains there would be extras we could do with as we saw fit. Didn’t happen at Columbia.

Because the teachers wanted the bears handed out on the last day of the week, at the very end of the day, so as not to disrupt class, I was not able to be there to help with the distribution. I thought, though, it’s pretty simple, what can go wrong. Famous last words for a control-freak such as myself.


8 responses to “Some things just don’t work out

  1. You did the best you could. I feel for those little ones who didn’t get a bear. 😦

    • At least they were absent and didn’t see the others getting the bears, then there was a 3 week vacation. None of the kids mentioned the bears yesterday. I learned about this fiasco from one of the teachers. I just feel so bad that it happened to these really great teachers.

  2. frustrating for you understandably

  3. So sorry that happened. It wasn’t your fault, though.

    • I feel responsible, though, since I’m the one who brought the bears. There is talk of doing this again next year, but I think I may decline to participate unless we can handle it in a completely different way.

  4. A real nightmare experience when you’re dealing with first graders.

  5. Next year you get the count from the teachers rolls. 🙂

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