Wishful thinking

Remember when my Cuisinart died? I just left it sitting on the counter, hoping it might heal itself. That there might be some magic dust in the air that would make it functional again. That the appliance fairies might come by some evening and do a little fixing-dance on the machine. Nope. Didn’t happen.

This morning I got up early to start the process of making beerocks. I had cooked a roast on Thursday. The bread dough was thawing in the refrigerator. I just needed to chop and cook onions, add the shredded cabbage, chop the roast beef, and put it all in a big pot with lots of salt and pepper. Chop onions and roast beef. That’s where it all came crashing down.

I’ve always done the chopping with the Cuisinart. Quick, easy, pretty mess-free. The Cuisinart had not magically healed itself. It was not going to ever chop onions again. I got out the mini Cuisinart and did small batches. It worked okay for the onions. Not so much for the roast beef. Out came the knife and cutting board. I worked diligently to finely cut up that roast and get it into the pan with onions and cabbage. I WAS smart enough to have bought the cabbage already shredded. There have been times I have shredded an entire head of cabbage, using the Cuisinart.

Terry rarely has to help with cooking projects unless I need something from a high cabinet or shelf. Today he was called in to clean up behind me. What a mess I made. He was a patient soul and never complained. Of course, he was quite happy that I was making beerocks as they are a favorite of his.

The beerocks are rising as I type this. I will start baking after lunch. The Cuisinart that didn’t magically fix itself? I threw it in the recycle bin. No more wishful thinking, just shopping for a new appliance.

Addendum: Here is where I waxed ecstatically about my Cuisinart.


8 responses to “Wishful thinking

  1. It’s time. You need a new one. Thanks for the reminder that I need to send in for a replacement blade for mine. They are on recall.

    Your dinner sounds wonderful.

  2. hope you find a good one soon!

    • I’m planning to go with Cuisinart again. If this one lasted 35 years, I think a new one might just outlive me. Besides, Cuisinart has a 14-cup food processor that appears to be like the one I’ve had all these years. They also have a 20-cup, but it’s far more expensive and I don’t plan to do the big recipes I once did when I entertained.

  3. Never heard of bee rocks, had to Google the term. Sounds delicious. Definitely time to buy new appliance.

    • I know I’ve written here many times about making beerocks as well as posting pictures of the process, but I could not find it when I went looking for a link. My mother made these little pillows of meat and cabbage when I was a child. I’m just carrying on the legacy.

  4. I asked for, and received, a new Cuisinart for Christmas–the same size model (one of the mid-sized ones) that served me well for many years. I put the old one in a box to take to the thrift store.

  5. Time for a new Cuisinart, for sure! Those bedrocks sound very interesting, but not so much to a vegetarian. Can you make them without meat? 🙂

  6. Beerocks is a new word/food for me. Had to google it.

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