It was rainy for part of the week, but we still got some yardwork done. 

I finally got the leaves cleaned up in the front yard. This was my audience:

I uncovered some tulip shoots:

I texted this photo to our former neighbor whose daughter sold the bulbs to me as a school fundraiser. She had been excited to see the tulips bloom last year. I invited them over to see the flowers this year. 

Terry started pruning the mulberry tree:

The geranium on the front porch is blooming:

Makes a bright spot for these gray days. One storm after another has rolled through with a few breaks for sunshine that lights up the family room:

So, there you have it. Rain, work, and a bit of sunshine. That’s been our week. 


8 responses to “Yardwork

  1. Very productive and hard work.

  2. My geraniums all died with the cold weather we had. I’ll have to buy them new again this year. Yours is pretty and does make a nice splash of color. 🙂

  3. Wow looks like spring already!

    • Too cold and wet yet for spring. But, the days are getting longer so I know spring is coming. I no longer have to turn on the lamps and close the drapes at 4:30 because it’s already dark.

  4. Sounds like fun. I can hardly wait to get some yard work done. Geen shoots are poppping out here too.

  5. I have one blooming too. It’s cold and miserable out there so I don’t understand. 🙂 Love that Marcel Breuer chair too.

  6. On our flight home from Arizona to Hawaii we got bumped around by a California storm system. We came home to coolish weather and buckets of rain. Our yard is a mess after our three weeks’ absence.

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