It’s Friday and the sun is shining

After a week of early mornings, today we slept in until 6:30. Although still dark at that time, the sun soon shows itself on a cloudless morning like this. Cold and frosty, but sunny.

After doing laundry I have very little to accomplish today, unless it gets warm enough to work in the yard. Then I MIGHT rake leaves, but I may not. Terry and I are making plans for later today. Unusual for us to plan something late in the day since I’m not at my peak, but there are a couple of things we would really like to do, and they are late in the day. Maybe if I’m quiet and still during the day I will be able to be vivacious into the evening.

A local company that makes soap from the milk of its goat herds is having a popup in a nearby small town. I’ve never actually been to this downtown area, only driven around it, so I would like to see it, close-up. I would also love to see the soap company’s owner and get a bar of her newest soap.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year–the year of the rooster. Terry and I like to have Chinese food to commemorate the occasion each year, and one of our favorite restaurants is on the way back from that little outlying town.

There is also a book-signing at the University from 6 to 8 that I would love to attend. Just wish it was during the day. The book, “All They Will Call You,” by Tim Z. Hernandez, is a sort of historical true fiction–documentary fiction– about a group of Mexican immigrants, being sent back to Mexico in a plane that crashes soon after takeoff on January 28, 1948. The immigrants were part of the Bracero program. I remember my father getting workers for our farm through the program. Although the names of the pilot and immigration employees were noted, the Mexican immigrants never had their names mentioned and they were buried in an unmarked grave in Fresno. Hernandez tells their story.

The sun is shining, for which I am grateful. The day is quiet and peaceful, which I need after a busy week. After the chaplain’s meeting yesterday, where I heard about so many being ill or near death, I am very thankful for good health and energy to do the work I want to do for the time being.


6 responses to “It’s Friday and the sun is shining

  1. glad the sun is shining for you, we are also having a nice mild day, no snow in sight.

  2. You are so busy all the time, I’m glad you have a day just to enjoy the sunshine and do whatever you wish. Happy Year of the Rooster! 🙂

  3. The terrible things in the past still haunt us. The were expendable, or so many thought. Are we going back to the bad old days?

  4. Your life is rich. That book sounds interesting.

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