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Ronni Bennett’s post earlier this week about old people’s household habits made me ponder. She wrote about not getting dressed on some days, about changing her sheets (or not), and on some days not leaving the house. The comments added to the list of things older folk are not doing. Will I reach a point where these things no longer matter to me? Has the time already come? How about you, dear Reader? What does your daily existence look like?

Because I have obligations that require me to leave the house five to six days a week, the days I don’t have to go somewhere are quite lazy. I don’t put on makeup and I dress in my “around the house” clothing. These are pieces of clothing I would not wear in public but am okay with for my quiet neighborhood. In the winter it’s usually knitwear of some kind and in the summer it’s shorts and shifts.

A few of my winter pieces are getting rather ratty looking. I made the comment to Terry the other day when I pulled on a pair of knit pants that are frayed at the waistband, “I hope I don’t need emergency care when I’m wearing these pants. The EMTs will think me crazy.” Another pair of pants that I only wear at home has a rip in the inner leg. I’ve tried mending it, but since it’s in the worn fabric, and not the seam, the tear reappears. The pants are probably 30 years old, but they are so comfortable for “around the house.”

As for bedding, Ronni writes much more than I ever could. Terry takes care of our sheets and blankets. He launders them and makes the bed. He recently told me we need new sheets so that’s on my list of things to buy at Target. That’s about as far as I go with bed linen responsibility.




12 responses to “Around the house

  1. I dress every day as soon as my feet touch the floor, and I dress appropriate for running errands or to a doctor’s appointment. Where I get caught is make-up and hair. My hair is very short but it needs to be washed and dried every day. Yesterday I had a 2:00 medical appointment. In my head I thought I’d stop what I was doing at 12:30 and do my hair and make up. I looked at the clock and thought it said 12:30 but actually it was 1:30. I came very close to missing my appointment. Had to go without make-up or washing my hair. I was mortified.

    • I usually stay in my pjs or knits until I’m ready to go out. If I’m washing my hair, I do that as soon as I arise, then makeup later but before I dress. When I come home, I change out of my going-out clothes back into my “around the house clothes.”

  2. I am guilty of wearing very old clothes around the house and same for my nightclothes.

  3. I leave the house almost every day of the week, at my home away from home, the YMCA. Or my hiking group on Thursdays, or my walking group on Saturdays. The only day I don’t have something scheduled is Sunday, but even then I get dressed and head to the coffee shop, and sometimes I go for a walk afterwards, just because. My schedule is what keeps me dressing as if I were going to Office Casual. Works for me. 🙂

    • I dressed for going out every day when we lived in San Francisco because I enjoyed walking on the streets so much. In Fresno, I have to drive every where I go and sometimes it’s just more bother than it’s worth.

  4. I just wear muumuus night and day, so no problem. I don’t wear make up at all.

    • If I don’t wear makeup I appear to be ill as I have no color in my face. Sometimes, in desperation, I will put on my sunglasses and make a dash to the grocery store with hopes of not running into anyone I know. With sunglasses and a smear of lipstick, I can look okay.

  5. I found ATGB post depressing. My grandfather got up and dressed with white shirt and tie and walked to mass every morning until he was in his 90s and in a retirement home. He is my role model, although I don’t wear a white shirt and tie nor do I go to church every day.

    Just because we reduce our activities associated with work does not mean we need to become slovenly. I get dressed in casual clothes and make David bathe and dress also. I pay a woman to change our beds and do other chores every two weeks, however, we are back to doing our own yard work. I really don’t care what others think, I do it for me. I find it very uplifting to see and older person dressed nicely. I love fashion, and we older women can be fashionable, even if its a nice scarf.

    • I would love to afford a housekeeper, and if I ever give up coloring my hair on a monthly basis, perhaps I could afford one. I can do the housework, I just don’t like to do the housework!

  6. Since I am spending most of my time at home these days, I am in need of more comfortable but decent looking clothes.

    • We have a store here in Fresno, SOMA, which is attached to Chicos, that sells the most wonderful “at home” wear. I have a number of their pieces. Yesterday I went in and found two fabulous pieces, one on clearance and the other marked down. I love their sizing, from extra small to 2x large.

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