Valentine treats

Here is the table for after-church fellowship. 

I guess it was a success. All the food was eaten and everyone sat and talked with one another. That’s what I had hoped for. 


11 responses to “Valentine treats

  1. Oh, that is such a pretty table. Glad the friendship came up to your expectations. 🙂

  2. Very pretty. I have no doubt it was a success.

  3. lovely table everything looks delicious!

  4. So pretty. All that hard work in the kitchen paid off.

  5. I love all that pretty pink, and the food looks wonderful! 🙂

  6. Beautiful arrangement. Happy Valentine’s Day

    • There are two trays of chicken sandwiches on that table. When I do coffee fellowship, I always do a savory along with the sweets because some people just don’t care for all that sugar. This time I cut the bread into heart shapes and filled them with a chicken salad that had cranberries for a bit of Valentine red.

  7. Sounds and looks great. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  8. I’d have been face first into that lot. Wow! Delish!

  9. Can’t beat that. I love that you do this. So few people take the time to even put on such an event at church anymore.

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