Rainy days & thank you notes 

Another storm has blown in from the pacific bringing wind and rain. I’m staying home today, doing laundry, baking some brownies, and reading, while staying dry. Tomorrow will be soon enough to run errands in the rain. 

My two days at Columbia were filled to the brim this week. The first graders loved their book, Chrysanthemum. We practiced saying the word numerous times as it appeared often in the story as the name of the main character. Some of the kids just couldn’t make it come out correctly. 

I handed out dozens of stickers and puzzle pages to the older kids in the cafeteria and on the playground. The library was the recipient of a stack of picture books my grandchildren have outgrown. The principal even got a book, The Principal from theBlack  Lagoon. It will make some of her miscreants smile. There is a big need for smiles around that school. 

I met with the school psychologist and discussed a myriad of issues. She and I are on the same page. Now if we could just get the district to see things like we do. More staff. More space. Less yelling. Calmer cafeteria. 

As I was leaving the first grade wing yesterday, one of the teachers slipped this note to me. 

It made me cry. 


5 responses to “Rainy days & thank you notes 

  1. A wonderful note! That one should be enough to keep you going. I commend you on your dedication to that school.

  2. Well, it not only made you cry, but me, too! I cry for happiness to know that who you are is acknowledged and appreciated. 🙂

  3. what a lovely note, you surely deserve it!

  4. It’s wonderful to be recognized for your good work.

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