Because it’s a holiday

It poured rain all night. I could hear it lashing against the bedroom window. This storm is a bit colder than the previous ones. Maybe we’ll get more snow, less run-off. It’s the run-off that causes the flooding in our local foothill communities.  However, the large amounts of water cause problems on the flat valley floor, too. Not only flooding, but causing trees to come down. The ground is soaked beyond capacity. We have now had over the normal amount of rainfall for an entire year. More rain is in the forecast.

It was raining at 5:15 when I first awoke. I could have gotten up had there been any need, but it’s a holiday, it’s raining, I’ve been up early and busy the last few days, so snuggling back under the covers and falling back to sleep seemed the best thing to do. We finally got up at 7:30 and I’ve started doing laundry. Laundry never takes a holiday.

I’ve not been to Columbia on a Tuesday, to check in with the older students, for two weeks. The cafeteria manager informed me they have been asking for me. My bag is packed with pencils, stickers, and books to hand out to various classes and kids tomorrow. I will eat lunch with the third graders who beg me every week to eat with them, but I have to leave to read to the first graders, my primary responsibility as school chaplain.

I’ve cleared my calendar for the next two weeks to be at Columbia on Tuesdays. Not only for the older kids, but because I have become friends with the librarian and she informs me that she hosts a parent coffee time each Tuesday morning and would like me to come. I would like that, too.  There will be no sleeping late on those mornings, though, as her meet and greet starts at 8:30. It’s a good thing I’m retired.


I must make an addendum: Terry tells me this storm is very warm, a pineapple express storm blowing in from the Hawaiian islands. Then why do I feel cold?


12 responses to “Because it’s a holiday

  1. Very companionable post

  2. It’s very windy today here in Hawaii. Enjoy the socializing on Tuesday.

  3. Retirement sounds nice!

  4. I have been concerned about that pineapple express hitting California, hoping that it moves through fast. You are definitely a sought-after item. You need to be cloned. 🙂

  5. I hope the threatened storm takes it easy on you😀

    And it’s like how the kids want you as lunch mate!


  6. The news from San Jose is not good. My sister and brother in law used to live in the area that is being flooded with filthy water. Ugh! I hope you will be spared the worst. But what a spring you will have! Green hills and wildflowers.
    I think what you are doing for the schoolkids is wonderful.

    • We live far from the San Joaquin River here in Fresno so figure we will be okay. The streets, so far, out in our area do not flood. However, with so much rain, the potholes are getting pretty bad. I don’t have any trips planned until later in the year when it has hopefully dried out.

  7. We sent you rain? We have had quite a bit of Hawaiian winter weather over here. I know the west coast does not need more rain at this point. You guys have really felt the “When it rains, it pours.”

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