My letter to the editor

Years ago I wrote letters to the editor of our local paper on a regular basis. But what with Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, I quit sending my opinion to the paper and just made my feelings known on social media sites. A letter in Saturday’s paper changed my direction.

A reader had written to the editor saying that more churches and Christians should be involved with what is happening in our crime-ridden/poverty-struck city. I won’t disagree, but there are already many organizations who are doing so much. More can be done. So, here is the letter I wrote and that was published in today’s BEE:

West Fresno kids need your help

James Walton (Feb. 25 letter) challenges Christians and churches to care for those living on the south and west sides of Fresno. There are many already caring and doing, but he is right – more needs to be done.

Twice a week, as a Fresno police school resource chaplain, I drive across town to volunteer at a southwest elementary school. There are two dozen of us, all Christians, doing this around town, helping to build resilience in small children by reading stories and caring about their young lives. More volunteers are needed.

Child Evangelism Fellowship dispatches caring adults every week to schools in town for Good News Clubs where children are shown love and attention. More volunteers are needed.

Stop at any school or public library south of Shaw Avenue and ask how you can help. Start small. Start with the children. Show them that people care, that there are people who will help them have a good future. Organizations like Evangel Home, Hope Now For Youth and Evangelicals for Social Action can all use your help to help others.

Once you see things, you can’t be blind to them. You will want to be involved and do more.

– Delaine K. Zody, Fresno


5 responses to “My letter to the editor

  1. You are a good citizen!

  2. That’s a perfect letter, Delaine. And I hope a few people read it and get involved. If I lived close by, you’d have me involved. But every place can use volunteer interaction. 🙂

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