Rainy days and printers

There were beautiful days of sunshine this past week. Saturday was so glorious. I worked in both front and back yards, pruning away the growth spurred by the winter rains. Our former neighbors stopped by to see the tulips growing from bulbs I had purchased two years ago from their small daughter when she was raising funds for her classroom. We all stood around in the front yard admiring flowers and reminiscing. It was that kind of day. 

Today, Sunday, it is this kind of day:

Yep, pouring rain. 

Our old laser printer had died. Since we had a newer printer/scanner/copier that had been purchased for the San Francisco apartment, we weren’t in any hurry to replace the old printer that dates back to the days when I did the yearbook. 

Terry did some research. He talked to a pretty, young, HP rep last week who reassured him about the ink cartridges. (The previous laser printer had cylinder cartridges that each cost $100. $400 to replace all the colors.) 

The office supply store put the selected printer on sale so he headed out on Friday to make the purchase. He took the old printer and boxes of used cartridges with him. Because of the large purchase, they didn’t charge him to recycle all that old technology. 

The new printer came out of the box, ready to go. 

While sitting there in the family room, staring at the now empty box, I noticed that it said it could print from my smart phone.  Just what I wanted. 

I went to the App Store, got the HP remote printer and I was all set. I could print directly from the phone which I have now done twice. I love technology. Rain? Not so much. 


8 responses to “Rainy days and printers

  1. Wow, Delaine, that is a beautiful printer! I am amazed at how much technology has evolved. Printing from your smartphone! That’s great. 🙂

  2. Wow on printing from your smart phone!

  3. I have an Epson printer and I love being able to print from my phone.

    • Our other printer is an Epson, but it doesn’t have that capability. I really liked the Epson (it’s a jet printer) so that when Terry started looking for a new laser printer, he looked for one with similar properties as the Epson. We also wanted one that printed on both sides without our handling the paper. The HP does that.

  4. We have a printer like that. It’s a good one. Your yard looks good in the rain, actually. And what a glorious spring awaits you!

    • When the sun is shining, it is indeed beautiful outdoors. If it will just get warm. Yesterday was only 55 degrees for the high. This morning we have 36 degrees to greet the day. I really want to work in the backyard, on the patio and greenhouse pad, but it has been too cold to do very much. We are being promised 70 degrees for next week. I’m counting on it.

  5. Ditto on the wow’s over printing from smartphone. And I too am over the rain, the resultant potholes and living my life around the weather.

  6. I’m fine with modern stuff if only i can remember how to use it.

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