It’s about time

This is the weekend we change the time, losing an hour so we can get up in the dark and stay up later in daylight. I don’t get it. I want my daylight in the morning hours, not late in the evening when I’m tired and want to go to bed. So, since I live in a state that honors Daylight Savings Time (DST), I change my clocks to go along with everyone else. But I do it MY way.

I change the clocks early on Saturday morning, whether for DST in the spring or Standard Time in the fall. Saturday is a better day for me to fiddle with time, and by Monday morning I’m pretty well adjusted to the new time. When teaching I had to be fully functional on Monday morning when I greeted groggy students.

Saturday works well for me to fiddle with the time now that I’m retired because I don’t usually leave the house on that day, unlike when I worked and had to get all my errands run on the weekend. Yesterday I prepped the soup I would take to church for Lent Soup Lunch after our worship service. I also got to bed on the new time so that I was ready to get up this morning. Well, fairly able, since I had slept my usual 9 hours.

On Monday I will go grocery shopping and run some other errands while everyone else goes back to work. When I worked, and only had the weekends to shop, I would find it annoying that the little old ladies who had all week to shop were in the store, blocking an aisle, on a Saturday. I always thought:  when I retire, I will not be in the stores on weekends when working people need the time and space to shop. I’ve kept the resolution. Actually, I prefer to shop on the slowest day of the week, Tuesday, but I have an obligation this week, so Monday will be it. I can go on my own time, after the darkness burns off of the morning.


8 responses to “It’s about time

  1. My husband does all the shopping, because he is better at retaining prices and arguing with the cashier about any discrepancies. He doesn’t have any particular day to shop. When we run out of stuff, it’s time to shop.

    • If we are running low and the weekend is approaching, I will shop on Friday; however, if I find we have run out of something on the weekend, I will make do with whatever is in the cupboards/fridge and shop on Monday. We never go hungry around here.

  2. What a good idea to reset your internal clock at your own pace! I will have to remember the idea going forward.

  3. I am exhausted from today’s time change.

  4. We are both morning people and prefer standard time, I think. My hubby is a night person and would like to be on DST year round. The change is harder for me in the fall than in the spring. 🙂

    • I do really well in the fall when we go back an hour. Time seems to be slower then. Today, it’s already 8 am and I’m not dressed and ready to get going. Time is flying even faster than usual.

  5. it actually does change Sat. night. So I set the clocks that afternoon, and go to bed at the time we normally would per the clock. it keeps it relatively painless for me. I do prefer the “extra hour’ in the evening. 🙂

  6. Hawaii does not do the time change thing so I have to make an effort to remember since my kids in Maryland and Illinois do change. I used to hate it when living in Chicago because of all the clocks we had to keep changing.

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