Up and at’m again

It’s Monday after a lazy weekend. I’ll describe it as lazy because that sounds better than sad, malcontent, depressed.

I managed to grocery shop and do laundry on Saturday, but then fell on the couch and read my books all afternoon, sitting in a haze of dust. The wood in the room is calling for orange oil. I really should accomplish more. I can’t.

Sunday came early but I could not open my eyes and get out of bed. It was 7 o’clock before I finally joined Terry in the kitchen. He had arisen when the alarm went off, the obedient guy that he is. I was leaving an hour later than him for church so didn’t feel guilty.

After chairing the deacon’s meeting at church, I came home and again sat on the couch all afternoon reading from my stack of books. Finally, shaking myself free of the comfort of my couch cushions, I went outside, and although the sky was sunless, the temperature was warm, the air fragrant. I raked leaves, pulled some weeds and made a hasty retreat back inside to figure out something for dinner.

I spent much of the weekend hours thinking about the trump supporters. Reading about the proposed budget. Seeing a mean response on a blog. I’m trying to understand the thinking of our citizens who think the president is so great when I can barely tolerate his weird behavior. It has put me in such a funk.

After reading articles and books and even talking with my hairdresser, I am seeing how his supporters think; not why, though. For some reason, they see themselves as unsafe in this land. They believe they are losing, or have lost, something. Yet, they are well off, they have an abundance. Why is sharing that so terrible for them? They keep saying, “we shouldn’t be supporting illegal immigrants.” But they don’t say how that is hurting them.

The mean blog response talked about how our children will be crippled by the national debt. But no explanation as to what that looks like. The responder also wants parents to take care of their children and not accept government help. Well, that would be nice, if possible. It just isn’t for everyone.

This is the conclusion I presently have about trump supporters: they are afraid for their safety and they don’t want immigrants and/or poor people getting any government aid.  It’s the best I can do for now. This will be a busy week and I have to get my head in the game to do the work I am called to do. I am not fearful for my safety, and because I have an abundance, I am willing the share.


13 responses to “Up and at’m again

  1. Sad time for America, yes. But also a time of standing up! Congress, the people, the courts. We will overcome!

  2. It is really hard not to lose heart these days, but I’ve been through so many iterations of our government that I’m hoping we will survive and prevail. I hear you, Delaine. Your work is very important at all times, but especially now. 🙂

    • I always thought Reagan was crazy, having seen him operate up close as governor of California (he really set public education back on its heels for decades), but trump makes Reagan look like a saint.

  3. I wonder how many of the president’s supporters served in the military or have parents who served. The whole point of an army is to believe what they are told and follow orders without question.

  4. You are a good person. Don’t know about those Trump supporters though.

    • Thanks, Christine. I know that Canadians are shaking their heads at our foolishness. Heard from a friend recently who said she would not be coming to US for the next four years. Can’t say I blame her. Heck, I’m afraid to leave the country for fear I can’t get back in, and I have a legitimate passport.

  5. All you can do on any given day is try your best. The rest will take care of itself.

  6. I feel just like you. Surgery and a common cold drew me away from the horror of his Gar-bage. With my focus in moderation again, I can live without hovering over politics. I’m just as upset and angry, but I feel liberated. He is soooooo sick.

  7. This man and his followers stand for everything I abhor. I await his downfall with much glee.

  8. We in Canada are appalled for you all. 45 sinjs lower and lower and he doesn’t give a rat’s. He tweets nonsensical gibberish about microwaves. He would be a joke only he’s not.

    He is a megalomaniac with the planet by the throat. And his puppeteers are to be feared.

    End of days? I fear so.


  9. I’m as perplexed as you about the supporters. It reminds me of the quote “There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See”. From what I myself see, however, this may end up their wakeup call as some of the new policies seem to be hitting supporters, as the disabled woman I saw on the news losing her Meals on Wheels. She said she voted for him because, “I thought he was going to help us.” She had it good all along and didn’t realize it. As for himself, what bothers me most is the way he speaks in adjectives … terrible, horrible, no good, very bad. It’s like fingernails on the chalkboard.

  10. I have been in a severe slump over Trump until recently. I visited a chiropractor and had a massage and both had the effect of causing my shoulders to drop. I left the massage thinking, “I’m not carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders any longer.” It doesn’t help with the political problem, but I am finally sleeping better and that helps with my mood.

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