Mmmm, cake

I’ve never been a good cake baker, and now without my cuisinart (No, I’ve not bought a new one yet), I am not even attempting cakes. Pies, yes. Plan to make an apple pie later today. But this morning, I wanted cake.

Sometimes I buy a small square of cake, one for me and one for Terry, when I go to Sprouts. I ran in there today to get more probiotics to keep us healthy, but didn’t take the time to get cake. I had other stops to make.

At my last stop, which was Whole Foods, I looked at their cakes and decided on a divine lemon cake with lemon frosting. It’s made in San Francisco and shipped here, but it is quite good. A piece of cake and a cup of tea is just the ticket to get me back in the groove for more chores.

One chore for the weekend is to make a beef/cabbage soup for the Lenten soup lunch on Sunday. I bought a chuck roast at Whole Foods which I will first cook in red wine and onion soup and then shred it back into the liquid adding carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes to the mix along with brown sugar, paprika, garlic salt, and cinnamon.

But for right now, the laundry, as usual, is calling.


5 responses to “Mmmm, cake

  1. I’m hungry, your food plans sound delicious. Whole Foods has the best cakes, enjoy!

  2. Cake makes EVERYTHING better. Your Lenten soup sounds delicious.

  3. My laundry could not be put off another moment and so it called me yesterday. It sure feels good when it’s all done! That lemon cake does sound divine. 🙂

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