In praise of bloggers everywhere

Last year a charming blogger whose writing I prized, Helly Bowman, died. A few days ago, another favorite blogger, Dianne Schmidley, passed away. I am bereft.

Both of these women shared their life with all of us. They opened their hearts and minds and let us in. Not only did I enjoy reading their own posts, but also the comments they left on mine. Now, those posts and comments are gone. It’s as if the light in the world has grown dimmer.

To the rest of you bloggers, please keep posting. Please open up and share. Your writing makes a better world for the rest of us who are trying to put words to feelings. Thank you for the words you leave here, for me. Your comments assure  me someone is reading these words. I also read your comments that you post on others’ blogs. That’s how I found some of you. Your comments were so insightful that I wanted to read more.

Helly. Dianne. You are missed.


9 responses to “In praise of bloggers everywhere

  1. So sorry for the loss of your dear friends. Yesterday, I thought of a blog friend I also lost, came to mind for no reason.

  2. Many of my fellow bloggers followed Dianne and that’s how I knew about her. I’m so sorry you have lost your friends, Delaine. I didn’t follow either of them myself, but I think I should have. So sad. 😦

  3. I didn’t follow either of those bloggers either, but their names are familiar from seeing them as commenters on other blogs. Yes, as long as people keep reading I’ll keep writing.

  4. Thannk you so very much. It’s been a rotten week for bloggers here. So glad you like my photographs. You too are one to cherish.

  5. I have lost two blog friends in the last two months. Like you , I lost friends. People are felt I knew and really cared about. Dianne was one of those people. Sigh… I was lucky to have gotten to know them and all the people I have met in blog land… take care… Michelle

  6. I had never read,or known of, the bloggers whose death you mourned, but immediately followed your links. I will certainly go back to read their blogs. So many reasons I ask myself, “why didn’t I?” or add another item to my “things I ought to have done” list.

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