Depending on your school district, spring break ends/starts today

It’s been a whole week since I last posted because it was spring break this week for my grandchildren. But, not for me.

The grandchildren arrived Sunday evening, delivered by their mother, as they were on spring break. I continued my usual weekly routine because I wasn’t on spring break. My usual routine was blended  into the grandchildren’s visit, and that involved shopping and playing and projects, and lots more laundry. Then there were things like meals and bath times.

The week wrapped up yesterday, school-wise, for me. The other grandma took the grandchildren to dinner and their father arrived. It would be his job to pack them up and get them back home as spring break is ending today. I had a tour at Kearney Mansion this morning so wasn’t here to see them off (or do one final load of their laundry). The small grandchildren were in no hurry to pack up and leave. Terry said they dawdled as long as possible before finally pulling out about 11:30.

Spring break begins today for the local school district. That means I’m off next week. Which is good. I’m tired. The house has been turned topsy-turvy. I sorted out 8 loads of our laundry which had sat all week while I was busy with the grandchildren. There is almost no food left in the house. Terry and I grabbed dinner last night at a food truck while downtown for ArtHop. I made that quick trip while the grandkids had dinner with their Nana, Grampa Don, and dad because I wanted some Frida Kahlo dolls that a local artist had promised to have if I showed up. I’ll show you some pictures in the next post. There is much to be done on spring break, no matter whose it is.

Addendum: Neglected to post that I have been baking cookies along with other tasks. I’m in charge of coffee fellowship on Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, so am making an assortment of cookies. We’ve had Lenten Soup Lunches for the past five weeks, no coffee fellowship, so this will be a nice change of pace.


6 responses to “Depending on your school district, spring break ends/starts today

  1. Tired grandparents! Have a great week off next week.

  2. Oh, you DO deserve some time off!

  3. Glad you finally have some time off. It sounds like you’ve got it pretty much filled up, too. 🙂

  4. Busy but not bored!

  5. Son in VA off this week, son in MD off next week and my daughter, who wanted to take a trip to DC to see them, will have her kids out of school the following week. So hard to make plans.

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