Spring time with the Zodys 

First of all, the weather has not been spring-like. 

But cold and rainy. 

Our small grandchildren had a great time staying with us during their spring break. 

While they had dinner one evening with the other grandparents, Terry and I went downtown to ArtHop, a once a month open house of various venues where local artists show and sell their wares. I met up with the artist who make lavender sachets that look like Frida Kahlo. I got two for the grandchildren and one for me. 

We also ate at a food truck where you can get jackfruit tacos. This is a jackfruit next to my purse. 

We ate carne asada this time, though. 

Although windy and cold on Palm Sunday, the sun was shining. 

I hosted the coffee fellowship. 

Terry stayed home on Sunday due to a bad cold. Can winter just be over!


5 responses to “Spring time with the Zodys 

  1. Boy, do I ever second that thought, Delaine! Rain and more rain here. The few rare spots of sun we get bring smiles to everybody. 🙂

  2. Creative Frida sachets! Cute grandkids, I must admit I am not a fan of jackfruit, but your coffee spread looks delicious!

  3. Nice colorful photos of the kids.

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