The bugs are coming, the bugs are coming

Because it has been a very wet year, and few nights of freezing temperatures, the bugs are going to invade with a vengeance this spring. We are seeing them already and a few have made their way into the house. Today I mixed up my bug-deflector oils, soaked cottonballs in the mixture, and placed them in strategic spots around doors and windows.

I use cedar, citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oils to keep the critters at bay. I have to refresh the cottonballs every few days, and then once a week or so, I mix a batch that I use in the sprayer for the backyard. That is if I stay vigilant and don’t wait for the mass invasion of bugs before taking action. The key here is to be proactive.


6 responses to “The bugs are coming, the bugs are coming

  1. One of my not-so-fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in Fresno was June Bugs. 😦

  2. Great strategy, Delaine. We have such wet weather but it’s amazing how few critters are bothersome in these parts. 🙂

    • We would have far fewer bugs if we had a pest control service, but I refuse to have poisons around our house, as does my neighbor. My dad died from leukemia that I know he contracted by using heavy duty pesticides on crops. He not only used them on our crops, but hired out his services to others. This was before all was known about the dangers of these poisons. In recent years, I have seen more and more obituaries for pest control agents who died at ages younger than the average.

  3. Yes, proactiveness and vigilance go a far way. I’ve also had good luck keeping ants out of the house by applying a thin line of borax/flour mixture around the outside perimeter of the house.

  4. oh dear, looks like you are prepared though!

  5. I hate bugs in the house. It sounds like you’re ready for the invasion.

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