Post Easter

This is my view from the couch on the Monday after Easter. No sunshine. Cloudy with more rain expected.

If I sit very still, very quiet, not talking, I am fine. I was up at my usual time this morning, not coughing. I baked a pan of brownies, ate breakfast, and did my daily exercises. Wanting to feel normal after being a bum for the past two days, I put on makeup, dressed in big-people clothes, and thought I might even return to normal activities.

Too much movement, too much talking. So here I sit, on the couch, with my fingers moving along my phone’s keyboard. Quiet, still, silent.


8 responses to “Post Easter

  1. Just do whatever you have to do to live the kind of life you want to live. Survival is the key, I think. Take care!

    • Sitting, without talking, is definitely not the life I want to be living. Movement and talking, though, bring on the tickle in my throat and then the coughing spasms. Ugh.

  2. The brownies sound good as we move post Easter.

    • Terry and I were rummaging through the cupboard yesterday, wanting a cookie, but the only thing available was a packaged sandwich cookie. It had to do. This morning, feeling good, I decided to bake the brownies.

  3. It’s a start with the no coughing. I got to coughing so badly at the convention, that I drove home for the meds I hadn’t known I’d need. Any no coughing will do very well. I sipped on water and ate cough drops like candy for much of the convention. That tickly is the killer. Nyquil helped.

    • Yeah, it’s the tickle that gets me. I’m still sucking on zinc lozenges and that may be what will get me through my story-telling days this week. I’m so hyper-vigilant to that tickle that I get tired just trying to keep it contained.

  4. itsallaboutpurple

    you could brighten up that view…with a little color or a bright pillow. maybe turning on the lamp too would help!! that’s a pretty tree to look at out the window, positioned perfectly!!

    i am not familiar with your illness or how you found me, but thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment!!

  5. It’s good to have a day of quiet.

    Unfortunately for me… I’m starting to cough and feeling awfully tired.

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