Heard some good news today

Way back in November I wrote about the little girl who needed an alarm clock. She and her brother were not getting to school on time and even the kindergartner believed an alarm clock would help.

After sharing the story with the attendance officer, she agreed, and said lots of students needed alarm clocks. I made it a point, from then on, to look for alarm clocks at thrift stores and yard sales. I’ve handed over quite a few to the attendance officer, so much so that she told another school about what her school chaplain was doing and recommended they get their school chaplain to do likewise. Of course, that school chaplain is a friend of mine! I’m sure I’m going to hear about this at the next chaplain’s meeting.

Today, while in the school’s workroom, I saw the little girl’s teacher and asked him about her. He laughed and said,

“I’m not too sure how it worked, but that alarm clock has turned the family around. The kids are never late. The mother has started taking a parenting class and she’s volunteering here in both kids’ classrooms. She’s been a big help.”

I don’t believe it was just an alarm clock. I believe that the kids and the parent realized someone cared about them and was willing to help them. It made a difference. I’m hoping such care and concern about kids and parents will make a difference. Some days I wonder, and then I hear a story like this.


7 responses to “Heard some good news today

  1. I’m sure your thoughtfulness and generosity had everything to do with it. This sounds absolutely wonderful. What a great story, Delaine.

  2. I would not have believed that something like this would make such a difference. It makes me look around at the world with new eyes, Delaine. What might I do that could impact others? 🙂

  3. wonderful story, good for you Delaine!

  4. Wow! I would have never believed such a small kind thoughtful gesture would have such a monumental impact had I not seen it happen here. That little girl is going to always remember and be thankful for you.

    • She doesn’t know where the alarm clock came from. I gave it to her teacher and he gave it to her. I didn’t want her to know it was from me.

  5. You heard a God whisper, acted on it and just look at the blessings it has brought!!!!!

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