Sunshine, beautiful sunshine

Friday’s weather was delightful. No wind. Lots of sun. I went to lunch with The Ladies Who Lunch and Terry worked in the front yard.

There were eight of us at lunch yesterday. Biggest group ever. Our one friend who had back surgery in December was able to rejoin us. She brought her x-rays and showed how the surgeon had literally screwed her back into place. Rods, pins, and screws now hold her upright. She even gained a few inches in height and has lost 30 pounds since she can now move. We were all thrilled to see her back in operation. She loves to drive and the doctors have released her to do so. No stopping her now.

Another retired co-worker joined the group, for the first time. Nelva was the attendance secretary at the large inner-city high school where we all worked. She has been retired the longest of all of us, since 2001. She would be one of the first people I would see each morning when I went to the front office to get our mail. She now attends church with one of the other Ladies Who Lunch so she asked if Nelva would like to join us. She was delighted. Because we were such a large group yesterday, and we met at a very noisy cafe, I wasn’t able to talk much to Nelva, but did learn that she is the aunt to another friend of mine. She had noticed that we were friends on Facebook. Isn’t Facebook just the most amazing device for connecting people? I love it.

Because the cafe was so noisy, and we had met early, some of the ladies decided we should move on to a quieter coffee shop to continue our monthly gabfest as the afternoon was still young. My throat was tired, and I had leftovers to take home, so I declined and headed home. Besides, I also had five loads of laundry waiting there for me.

The sun is so bright this morning, I had to draw the living room drapes to see my computer screen. Not complaining, though. Even with the drapes closed, the room is light and bright. Sure makes me feel better. I’m planning to work in the backyard today. With all the rain, everything has grown like crazy and needs lots of pruning. I told Terry I’m not in any hurry to get out there, though. I don’t have my usual get-up-and-go. He said, “it’s more like sit-and-stay, huh?”  Yep, it sure is.


9 responses to “Sunshine, beautiful sunshine

  1. Sounds like a lovely get together, thanks for reminding me I should probably do some weeding today, tomorrow for sure!

  2. I love my coffee ladies and this post!

  3. It’s so nice to get together with friends, and it sounds like you enjoyed it. We’ve been working in the yard and potting plants for the patio and front steps around here, too. It’s that time of year.

  4. I’m in the garden “clean-up” mode. Too early to plant anything here. Around May 15th usually is our time. I enjoy my monthly lunches with the gals I went to school with–from Kindergarten on to graduation. We know each other sooooo well. LOL

    • I have not kept track of any of the people I went to school with. Not a one. Most of them aren’t even on social media, either, so it’s hard to track them down.

  5. I’ve got to get into garden clean up mode too. It’s been raining and it is still raining! I’m a little tired of it by now.

    • I am very tired of rain and cold weather. It is warmer now with sun in the mornings, but the afternoons cloud over. The wind blew again last night. I’m going to wear slacks to church again. By now I’m usually wearing skirts. Maybe in May?

  6. Your Ladies Who Lunch sounds like a wonderful group of friends. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. It’s good to sit back and enjoy it too.
    They screwed her back? Oh my gosh!

  7. We used to have a group like that, and we loved it.
    I’m sitting here thinking of you and smiling….as the fogs and grey skies move in.

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