Summer is coming

Although it feels like early spring here with the cool breezy days, I know the long hot days of summer will be here soon. I only have five more weeks of school chaplain duties. My daughter begins a three-month sabbatical at the beginning of June and we are planning a family trip for 10 days in late June. I’ve been making reservations.

This picture recently showed up on Facebook:

Sounds good for the adults, too. I would add a trip to the farmer’s market into that. Maybe that’s the “playing outside for 20 minutes.” I figure the creative something could be baking or canning. June, July, and most of August will be lovely, long, lazy days for me. I’m looking forward to them.


6 responses to “Summer is coming

  1. It’s been in the 50s here but it’s supposed to be in the 90s on Thursday. Crazy weather. We made reservations for our vacation a week or so ago. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. wow the school year is zipping by! Your summer plans sound awesome!

  3. Your rest has been well earned! I also love farmers’ markets!

  4. I should send this to my daughter. LOL

  5. I saw that,too, and also thought it would be good for adults.

  6. These are all good things to aim for, to make a day complete. I smiled at the list and imagined myself doing it. No writing or coloring today, otherwise I’m all set! 🙂

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