I know I’m sick when I…

I made it to school on Thursday and Friday to read this week’s story to the first graders. The kids on Friday were pretty tickled that I was there on an “irregular” day.

“It’s NOT Wednesday, Mrs. Zody!” was what I heard over and over.

They have been told all year that Mrs. Zody comes to their class on Wednesday, and now as school is almost over, and they are almost second graders, they are grasping what day of the week it is, and it just seemed odd to have Mrs. Zody read to them on Friday. They liked the novelty.

Each day, though, I came right home and fell in bed and slept. I also slept soundly all night. If Terry hadn’t gotten up with a sick cat, I’d probably still be asleep this Saturday morning. Yes, not only have I been having issues, but our youngest cat has been throwing up and having bouts of diarrhea because he probably ate something rotten. The cat is always going around begging, acting like he is starving. He hits up our neighbors at least once a day and tells them that we haven’t fed him for weeks. If he only ate the food they gave him, I wouldn’t be concerned, but I know he looks elsewhere so who knows what he scrounged up. I wish I could give him a dose of Pepto Bismol.

Reading and writing have been hard to do. My social media has suffered. I can’t concentrate for very long, nothing appeals. That’s how I know I’m really sick. And Terry will have to run my errands that I kept putting off all week, thinking I’d feel better the next day. That hasn’t been the case since Monday!


4 responses to “I know I’m sick when I…

  1. I’ve never had allergies, until last year. For some reason I got hit with a fall allergy and this spring, I have it again. My doc recommended taking a Claritin every morning. He won’t prescribe Z-Pak anymore, apparently the meds in them aren’t good for me. I found Flonase nose spray to work best of all. Good luck and get better so you can read to the kinders!

  2. Feel better soon!

  3. I remember getting sick almost every spring when I was teaching.

  4. I wish you a speedy recovery. Everyone I know is pushing herself too hard, in my opinion.

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