Back and front

This morning I enjoyed our shady backyard while doing some yard work. 

The GE repairman came but couldn’t find anything wrong with the washing machine. He ran it through a few cycles, and nothing leaked or showed signs of having ever leaked. He didn’t charge us. I love GE appliances and their servicemen. 

It is a delicious warm afternoon so I’ve moved out on the front porch while waiting for the mailman and just generally killing time. 


4 responses to “Back and front

  1. Thanks for sharing these delightful few moments of peace and greenness.

  2. I hope you are all well and raring to go! Glad your washing machine fixed itself. 🙂

  3. Glad the washer is ok.

  4. That news about the washing is great news! I’m glad you didn’t have to get a new washer.

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