Blame it on the zinc lozenges

While my throat had its tickle, I sucked on zinc lozenges. Lots of zinc lozenges. It was about the only thing that kept me functioning for a few weeks since I had to be doing a lot of things that required me to talk. The more I talked, the more my throat tickled. The more my throat tickled, the more I coughed. The zinc helped so I sucked on them.

For the past week or so, I have had absolutely no appetite and everything tastes weird. No matter the food, it tastes sweet, and if it is a sweet food, then the sweetness is enough to make me gag. Terry mentioned this to the doctor while he had his physical yesterday. Our doctor loves to talk, and I’ve mentioned how appointments with her can last for hours. Such was the case with Terry yesterday. Four hours at the doctor’s office. I was part of the discussion. The doctor said the taste thing is caused by all those zinc lozenges. They changed the chemistry in my mouth.

I’m not too sure how long it will be before my taste buds repair themselves. It’s been over a week since I sucked on a zinc lozenge. I was able to eat a few bites of dinner last night and a tiny piece of toast this morning without gagging. Not eating probably explains why I can sit on the couch and fall asleep so quickly.


7 responses to “Blame it on the zinc lozenges

  1. Hope your mouth returns to normal soon

  2. Gosh interesting about the zinc lozenges which I ‘ve never heard of. And 4 hours in the doc’s office! How do they bill for that.

    • Our doctor has always been very thorough and accommodating. I cannot imagine having a better doctor. We do have excellent insurance which covers our appointments. I know there are complaints about insurance, but ours is really top-notch.

  3. That sounds terrible! I hope it clears up soon.

  4. I know that taste change that happens from those lozenges. I hope your taste returns to normal soon, but it might be awhile longer. Please keep me posted on your progress. I don’t use them any more for that same reason.

  5. Those zinc thingies can also cause “grooves” in your tongue. i say this from experience. LOL

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