I’m sitting in the doctor’s waiting room at 5:30, waiting to see the doctor I’ve told you about who can easily take 2+ hours for an appointment. I know there are at least two patients ahead of me. It’s going to be a late evening. 

Earlier this week I replaced my hanging cosmetics bag that I use when traveling. I had this one since 1990. 

It’s seen a lot of miles, and I would say I got my $19 worth. It has begun to fall apart, but it was hard to find something I like to replace it. 

Then I saw this Vera Bradley bag where I had bought my larger storytelling bag. 

The new one is a bit smaller but it will do, and I’m hopeful it will last me for the rest of my travels in this lifetime. 

Our weather is finally warm and the winds have stopped blowing. I worked in the yard this morning before heading to school to read the last book of the year. So many of the first graders wanted to sit by me at lunch that they got in trouble for sitting at the wrong table. I just stir up chaos!  Wish more adults would show up and eat lunch with these munchkins. 

It’s been a long day, and tomorrow I have no plans. I will just be at home, doing tasks I have put off for awhile. One would think, being retired, I could accomplish more, but no, I procrastinate. 


4 responses to “Waiting

  1. Hope you are ok. Nice new bag too.

  2. WOW–pretty bag. Love the little munchkins, wish I could go eat lunch with them.

  3. Procrastinating is what retirement is for!

  4. Nice bag! I haven’t needed one of those for more than a decade now. They aren’t necessary for cargo pants and t-shirts. 🙂

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