The last week of school for me

After looking at my calendar for this week, and realizing I had a lot already planned, I decided to back out of a trip with The Ladies Who Lunch to go get blackberries and blueberries at our favorite grower who starts selling from their packing shed today. There may be another trip in June, before the season ends, or perhaps Terry and I can drive to the small town where the berry farm is located, have lunch, and get a few crates of berries.

Instead of a fun trip with my friends, I did a few loads of laundry, sent cards to ill friends, and attempted more yard work before noon. Since I don’t get to have lunch with my friends, Terry and I are planning lunch out before we run a bunch of errands this afternoon. Thank God for air conditioned cars.

The yard work didn’t get too far as the heat is bearing down (101 today), everything I pruned was so dusty and it all seemed to fall on my head when it came down, and the trash containers filled to the brim with my prunings. That’s always my best excuse to quit and come inside–the containers are full.

This is the last week I will be going to Columbia. The school district actually has two more weeks of classes after this, but the chaplains have told all the stories and will hand out certificates and celebrate the end of the year with the munchkins this week. We also have an early morning meeting on Thursday to turn in all of our books and miscellaneous paperwork and say goodbye until late August.

I’ve left Friday open this week so I can do laundry, and maybe more yard work. On Saturday I am going to one of the local library branches to partake in a recording event that ties in with the California State Library. It is a community storytelling project where two people at a time will have a conversation that reveal generational shifts and perspectives on a topic. I chose agriculture as my topic since Fresno has fed and clothed the world and I have seen so much change in how the crops are grown since I was a small child growing up on a cotton farm. The conversation will be with a local newspaper writer who covers the agricultural industry and what he currently sees in the field. Next Monday I should be able to fill you in on how it turned out and may even have a link where you can go have a listen.

Speaking of links, here is one to an article about what I do as a school chaplain that was published by Presbyterian Today.

7 responses to “The last week of school for me

  1. Thanks for sharing your days with us

  2. wow the school year end has come quickly!

  3. I haven’t gone to pick berries in ages. Love them. I looked at a recipe for ti-berry crumbles yesterday. Wouldn’t that be delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?
    101 degrees! Whew! I don’t look forward to that this summer. It’s horrible along with the humidity.

    • We don’t pick the berries! Good grief, that would be hard labor! These are picked, cleaned and packaged. All we do is drive up to packing shed (which is all automated) and tell the owner what we want. She brings them out of cold storage for us. These berries aren’t even sold to local stores but rather to specialty stores and restaurants in southern California.

  4. It will be awhile before we’ll be able to go berry picking around these parts. But 101? I don’t think I would be able to function in such heat. I always enjoy learning more about your chaplain duties. 🙂

    • We have air conditioned homes, cars, and stores, so we really don’t have to be out in the heat too much. I do all my yard work early in the morning, before it gets hot. And, we do have low humidity here. That helps, too.

  5. nice

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