I give up

If you have a Blogger blog, you may not hear much from me. I have tried on three separate blogs, all powered by Blogger, to leave comments. And on all three blogs, my comments just disappeared when I hit publish. In all three cases, the comments were long, so I didn’t attempt to write them again. If you haven’t already figured it out, I hate Blogger.

I need to add that I love reading your blogs, no matter what platform you choose. I just wish I could comment more often.

16 responses to “I give up

  1. You had the same problem with me, so has something to do with settings to avoid spam comments. I changed setting to Anyone and Always Moderate which solved the erasing comments issue and also seems to have solved the spam issue as I’ve only had to delete about one per year.

  2. I have no problems on blogger. I’m sure it is in your settings. Look around and check it out.

    • Why would MY settings matter? Usually, when I type in my blog name, blogger tries to change it to a google account of which I have none. I have to reset that at least 3 times. A few blogger blogs are set up to open a new window when I type a comment. Those have no problem posting.

  3. Oh dear! And it’s probably mine too. One of my cousins is having the same problem, but her sister doesn’t. It’s got to be something in the computer settings. I have no idea what that would be though. Sorry about that.

  4. Google is trying to bully you into having a google account.
    I type my long comment in a note, and copy/paste the comment….

  5. I am a blogger person too. You can find Mage Bailey on facebook any time you want to yell at me. I had a wordpress blog, but I struggled with it and images. So here I am at your hated Blogger and at Prosebox too. I know you have never heard of that one.

  6. I have a similar problem with blogger. I can sometimes leave a comment but it will not link back to my blog, or I can’t even comment using wordpress. I have to use my google account which does not link back to my wordpress blog.

  7. Blogger is not as user friendly for sure. I actually have problems posting here on WP but only on a couple of blogs. I don’t understand how it happens! I have a blogger blog, but it’s a depressing one where I vent about the part of my life that I usually keep hidden. It helps me to just shout it out! haha. It’s safe because I don’t get views so I say whatever the heck I want.

  8. I am on Blogspot and notice that the settings do make a difference. I changed from “embedded” comments to a separate page, and that seemed to make it easier for WordPress people to comment. I hope you figure it out. I enjoy your blog very much and hope you don’t get frustrated and leave me! 🙂

  9. Well, here’s the WordPress issue: I put my website in the spot indicated when I comment, and WordPress asks me to enter a URL. It will not take either of the ones I tried.

  10. I am glad I have stuck with TypePad. Most of the bugs have been worked out over the more than ten years I have blogged with their service. I pay a monthly fee and this gives me options that are worth the money. Some readers have said they can’t figure out how to make comments, so I’m going to check that out. It shouldn’t be a problem, so I’m puzzled.

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