What’s in your mail?

Our mailbox is out by the street. The mail is delivered by a mail truck. Our mail carrier is usually an African-American lady who, when I see her, is very congenial. I don’t know if I would be if I had to drive up and down streets in a truck with an open door, stopping every few houses to get out and deliver a package to the door, many times of an empty house, having to bring it back to the truck and write a note to the house’s occupant that they missed the delivery of their package.

Over the years, our mail has become less and less, and because I order few things online for home delivery, we seldom get those packages or the notices of their delivery. Today’s mail, like so much of it any more, was all requesting me to part with my money–a JJill catalog, two offers for credit cards, and a request for a donation to a worthy cause. Some days we get no mail at all. The mail carrier just zips right by our box. Unless, of course, I have put mail in the box, and raised the red flag.

We are warned, again and again, to not put outgoing mail in our home mailbox. Too many identity thieves in Fresno. One more thing we are famous for that we would rather not be. I rarely send a check to anyone, but when I do, I usually deposit the envelope in a post office mailbox. But greeting cards, of which I send a pretty steady supply to friends and family, are put in our mailbox. This week I put two get-well cards, a birthday card, and a thank you note in our mailbox.

Many of our neighbors have put in those locking mailboxes so that no one can steal their incoming mail. We still have the old fashioned type that looks like a quonset hut.

Most of our bills are delivered online. As are our bank statements and reports on our pensions. One of us is usually home in the late afternoon when the mail carrier comes by, and we can pick up our mail immediately. I often wave at neighbors who are doing the same thing.

Do you get much mail any more?

15 responses to “What’s in your mail?

  1. We’re getting less and less mail, too, but most days there’s something there.

  2. We don’t have problems (that I know of) with identity theft here. We live in a small community that is tucked away and has only one entrance/exit. No one has a need to come here except the residence or their guests. I pay bills online, but I do a lot of online shopping, so we get packages and catalogs. So far no problems, but it is something to think about.

  3. The only mail I get are ads. I also do all bills online.

  4. I used to get Netflix DVDs but somebody started taking them out of my mailbox, so I quit that. I have a PO box in town and that’s where important mail goes. My apartment mailbox rarely has anything in it of value. Lots of junk, though. 😦

  5. I lived “out in the country” so long that the worst problem with mail boxes was teenagers attacking them them with baseball bats. But then the recession took a big toll on honesty, and mail box theft and much worse replaced vandalism. We learned, in safety meetings, it was better to live in a two story house. Daytime smash and grabbers would prefer a one story house, without the potential of someone upstairs. Anyway, I like my arrangement now, all the boxes in a group, and locked.

    • We’ve had an alarm system on our house for over 20 years. It’s funny, though, because we really have nothing that anyone would want to steal (our tv is over 20 years old!), but I feel much safer with that alarm set.

  6. The first of the month I get lots of mail–mostly bills. I don’t pay many on-line as I’m afraid my computer might crash and I would forget. I get mail everyday–usually catalogs or local store ad papers. Most go in the recycle. No crimes of any kind in this park I live in and not much in our entire County–other than the drunk driver or small fender bender. Most people in town are white, upper middle or professional. Doctor’s, lawyers, professors. It would be rare to see someone of a darker skin shade.

  7. We do get mail, some of it important. Terrible about people robbing the mailboxes.

  8. Almost all our bills now come electronically, except taxes. We still get magazines and mailings from charities and catalogs and the occasional bar mitzvah invitation. The other day I received an actual paper thank-you note!

  9. We still get a lot of mail here in Hawaii.

  10. I’ve gone paperless, except I get packages. Lots and lots of packages because I prefer online shopping for clothes and online is the only way to obtain some of the gluten-free products I use. I get so many packages that I forget what’s been ordered and wonder what’s in the box. I’m sure FedEx and the mail girl wish I’d just go away.

    • You don’t have a Sprouts or Whole Foods near you for gluten-free and/or organic? We only have one Whole Foods in Fresno, and fortunately, it’s on our side of town. There is lots of new homebuilding east of Fresno/Clovis and I wonder where those people will shop for groceries? Home delivery might work for them, too.

  11. Sprouts, yes, but even they don’t carry everything I need.

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