You know you have too many clothes

…when your closet collapses.

We have lived in this house for 36 years. The sounds it makes are pretty familiar. A cabinet door, a water faucet, the oven switch. They all have their own sound, and after all these years, I have come to know those sounds as well as I know my own sighs and groans. This afternoon, while I was at one end of the house, in the family room, and Terry was midway down the hall in the office, we both heard an odd sound. I yelled out for him to see if he was alright because it sounded like he had fallen against the closet doors. Remember, every part of the house has its own sound, including the closet doors. No, he was fine. He thought something had fallen on the roof. We both checked out back because occasionally a tree branch will fall onto the roof, but this time all appeared to be fine.

As we came back inside, I mentioned to him that I thought something (or someone) had fallen into the closet doors. I stopped back at the family room to resume whatever it was I was doing. Terry went to check the closets. One of the cats had been sleeping on our bed, but he said the cat was now gone.

I heard a muffled voice from the back of the house, like someone was inside a closet. Upon investigation, sure enough, there was Terry trying to get the closet doors off of our bedroom closet so he could get our clothes out. The rod had collapsed and all of our clothes were on the floor.

We piled the clothes on our bed, which we realized the cat had probably vacated when the clothes fell and banged against the closet door. The cat was no where to be seen. Terry checked the situation and thought he had tools and supplies to fix the rod.

While he was doing this repair, his mother called. She is 96 years old. She had taken the sheets off of her bed, put them into the washer, and now they were in the dryer. She wanted help getting the sheets back on the bed. She wanted Terry’s help, to be specific.

Now, she has never called him to help make her bed. She has a companion-driver during the week as well as a housekeeping service. Don’t these people usually take care of her laundry and bed-making? Terry didn’t know. He couldn’t understand why she took the bed apart without figuring out a way to get it remade. He told her he was busy trying to fix the closet and she would have to wait. Wait is not in her vocabulary. I can tell you right now, I know all about narcissism because this woman is the picture you see when you look up the word in the dictionary. She said she would call the younger son.

Now, both sons live in the same town, but both would have to drive to her place to help her make the bed. I suggested Terry tell her to ask one of her neighbors to come help her. She lives in a condominium complex with very close neighbors. They could just step out of their unit and right into hers. No, she didn’t want to bother her neighbors! That blew me away. Bothering people has never seemed to bother her.

Terry got the closet fixed and all of our clothes are back where they belong–hanging inside the closet. Just as he finished, the cat came out of hiding to eat and to look at me like I had turned his world upside down.

Now Terry is at his mother’s making her bed. The younger son could not come until late this evening.

12 responses to “You know you have too many clothes

  1. That bit about the cat made me laugh. Sorry about the Mother-in-Law. She probably just missed her boy, used the bed as a ploy.

  2. Mother in laws will be mother in laws! so sorry about the closet mishap!

  3. Thank goodness your closet could be fixed. When we weren’t in Hawaii, my brother was the one to call. He did tell me he felt like he had to go over right away, even though she didn’t insist on it.

  4. Yeah, David’s mother was like her.

  5. I will likely not make it to 96, but my MIL reached age 97. She was a very reasonable person, luckily for us.

  6. Oh, my gosh. I know it was all nerve-racking, but you write it so funny. The cat probably heard the crash and thought, “I’m getting out of here before someone blames me.” Ha! It’s good that Terry could fix it. Sounds like Mom want’s attention, and she wants it when she wants it.

    • It was pretty funny. Terry and I tend to laugh about these mishaps. We really do have too many clothes. In taking everything out and putting it on the bed, I found a sweater and jeans I haven’t worn in decades. I immediately tossed them.

  7. Your description is priceless! I too wonder about why his mother decided it was his problem, not hers. I’ll have to look up “narcissist” since it’s been mentioned in the news quite often lately, for some reason. 🙂

    • I could understand wanting to change the bedding, but knowing she was unable to remake the bed, she really should have checked to see if Terry would be available to come put the bed back together again after she did the laundry. We could have been out of town.

  8. Funny it’s not when you have to haul everything out and put it on the bed–I had this happen last year and I didn’t think it was funny. Too bad I don’t have a son to call for help–well, I do, but he lives 20 miles away and probably wouldn’t come if he lived next door. LOL

    • I’m not too sure what I would have done if I was by myself and this had happened. I would have gotten the clothes to the bed and stood there looking at the closet to see if I could fix it, but I’m not very handy. There are two neighbors who have tools and are handy so I would have probably gone to them and asked for help. I don’t mind bothering my neighbors!

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