I’ve lost my multi-tasking mojo

But I think we’ve discussed this before. Listening to three conversations at once has never been difficult. I could work with one student while knowing what every other kid in the classroom was doing. Reading a book while attending a meeting, and keeping track of both, was no big deal.

Yesterday I made a bit of a mess for myself while trying to do just TWO things at once. I worked in the backyard for an hour or so, came in and took frozen bread dough out to thaw so I could make cinnamon rolls. I did a few indoor chores while waiting for the dough to thaw then put together a pan of rolls, set them in a cold oven to rise and went back outside to work on cleaning the patio.

Terry came and went. His mother had run out of checks and yet still had bills to pay so wanted him to take her to the bank. Banks no longer issue counter checks, but out of kindness, hers did issue two certified checks and didn’t charge her the usual $10 fee. She ordered more checks, something I can do online for no charge. Bank of America charged her $26.

Terry joined me, when he returned, in moving patio furniture back into place and that’s when I realized I could smell the dough that I had put aside hours before. Have you ever over-inflated yeast dough?

Fortunately for me, the rolls tasted okay even if they looked a bit wonky.

I realized that making rolls AND cleaning the patio were two tasks at one time and one didn’t get done very well. My multi-tasking mojo has left me.


7 responses to “I’ve lost my multi-tasking mojo

  1. I don’t do well with multiple tasks, either, particularly when one of them is time sensitive. I solve the problem by setting the timer on my oven or phone.

    • I was outside during this time, without my phone. I did come in for lunch, however, the timer would have gone off when I wasn’t around.

  2. Like Kathryn I set set a timer, I use the microwave and it beeps.

    • This works well for when I’m indoors. The washer and dryer have timers that beep, too, when they are finished and I always hear them so I can do laundry and another chore at the same time.

  3. I also used my iPhone alarm yesterday so I wouldn’t forget my clothes in the dryer, and I too find that if I don’t take steps to help myself, I forget things right and left. Multitasking is long gone! 🙂

    • i don’t take my iPhone out with me when working on the patio and yard as I use lots of water. I soaked my jeans and had to come in and change pants, but forgot about the rolls.

  4. I think there was a time when I could multi-task. No more. I’m always forgetting whatever I started with.

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