An ice cream sort of day

The time has been flying by. We spent the end of last week in San Mateo with our kids. The main reason for going was to see our grandson graduate from prekindergarten, but he was too ill to make the ceremony. His mom and grandpa went, though, taking pictures and picking up his diploma. He was happy to see pictures of his classmates who have become good friends.

Although our daughter had signed up to bring strawberry sorbet to the post graduation party, she had yet to get it two hours before the event. I got on the phone and called all the local ice cream shops to find that there was no strawberry sorbet. Finally, calling a national chain, in downtown San Mateo, I located some. The store clerk did not think she had as much as I wanted, but Terry and I headed there anyway and found that the store did have enough. The clerk was so kind, and when she didn’t have enough to fill the fourth container, she offered Terry a bowl of any ice cream they had. He was pleased as he loves ice cream. He chose sea salted caramel.

After dropping the sorbet and my husband at the preschool, I headed to Leeya’s school to pick her up and spend time doing something she would like which was going to another ice cream store and getting mint chocolate chip on a cone. It was just an ice cream sort of day.

The sorbet, it turns out, was used in the punch. Jennifer said it was very good, but very sweet. I almost wish I had been there to try it.

7 responses to “An ice cream sort of day

  1. You’re lucky that you can provide help for your daughter’s family when they need it,

    • We were fortunate to be able to make it this time. We couldn’t go when Leeya had her preK graduation 3 years ago. I do wish, though, that they lived here in Fresno so we could do more for them.

  2. Wow! I haven’t seen strawberry sorbet at the market in forever. I guess you have to go to an ice cream store. Ahhhh…. mint chocolate chip is my favorite too.

    • Jennifer thought she could just go to Safeway and buy the sorbet. I was doubtful so that’s why I started calling the ice cream stores. None of the local places had any. I prefer to buy local, but this time we had to go to Stone Cold Creamery, a national chain, to get what we wanted.

  3. I have been indulging in ice cream at least once a week lately. It goes with summer, doesn’t it? My favorite is coffee ice cream with chunks of chocolate. 🙂

  4. Sorbet punch does sound good. Congrats to your little grandson.

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