Twitter made me do it

One of my Twitter friends asked for biscuit recipes yesterday. It’s kind of hard to do in 140 characters, but my simple recipe just fit.

3 cups of Bisquick mixed with a heaping teaspoon of sugar. Stir in 1 cup sparkling water. Mix, knead, roll out, cut out biscuits. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

As I typed it out, I began to think about how good those biscuits taste, and that it had been awhile since we had biscuits. Sunday afternoon was very cool, too, so running the oven was not going to make the house hot. I decided to make biscuits and gravy for dinner.

As I was making my biscuit dough, the Twitter friend asked another question about the biscuits, so I posted this picture to show her that they do turn out well.

This biscuit has apricot jam on it. I had a leftover biscuit for breakfast this morning with cherry jam on it. I’m sure glad she asked about biscuit recipes.

10 responses to “Twitter made me do it

  1. I will definitely try this thx!

  2. looks SO yummy. I rarely eat biscuits anymore, but those look delish!

  3. Oh Yuuuum! I haven’t had a biscuit in such a long time.

    • We hadn’t had biscuits since last winter. This recipe makes about 9 biscuits, so I have been having the leftovers for breakfast. It’s been a nice change from my usual bowl of cereal.

  4. They look so good! I don’t eat biscuits any more, though. Too fattening. I allow myself one half bagel on Sunday mornings and that’s as close as I get to biscuits. 🙂

  5. Wow, they look so good…and simple. I think even I could make them.

  6. That looks wonderful!

  7. Now you’ve got me drooling for hot biscuits, lots of butter and honey!!!

  8. So simple and good! Now I’m hungry!

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